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About the Site

This site focuses mostly on musical technology, usually of a slightly mature kind, and records my latest attempts to learn more about it. Other things of variable relevance crop up occasionally.

About Human Interaction

Comments, Requests and Questions

Use the contact form, and tell me whether it’s a public or private message. I may or may not get it within a day or two. Really good questions may take longer to consider. Messages for publication may be edited down. Spam and scams will probably not get through. Non-constructive disagreements and insults are likely to be devnulled even if intended as public.

Privacy and Personal Security

As I despise basically everything to do with data collection, I don’t monitor your use of the site beyond some error checking (when I have time), and even these logs get deleted. (But, to the extent it’s an issue, I can’t guarantee anything about my ISP or telecomms providers.)

The site uses a session cookie, but you don’t need to accept it except for formhandling (contact or search). There is a little ECMAScript on some (at the time of writing, one) pages, but its use is limited to a few basic interactive-content functions.

The only other bit of Privacy Policy is: if you contact me I will retain your contact details as given, and your words, indefinitely; and if you’re happy for your contributions to be published I may do so (or not). If I do, I will publish whichever personal identifier you give, but not your email address or other contact details unless you explicitly request or agree to it. Otherwise your details will not be held on the webserver once the logs are fully turned. In extreme cases of abusive behaviour I may at my discretion pass on your contact details for action by others. It’s up to me to define extreme and abusive, and I might also make some public mention of any such contact and actions taken. (If this is unacceptable to you then don’t use this site.)

As far as I know there are no particular security issues arising from reading this site. (But people get imprisoned or maybe killed for reading innocuous things in some parts, in which case you have my sympathy, but you’re probably more aware of the risks than I.)


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Except where otherwise noted, original content in this site is Creative Commons licensed, CC BY-NC-SA. (Contact me for commercial terms.) Content copied from others should have its licence considered separately. Click images for licenses and other sizes.

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