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The Russʼs children are a wild bunch. We knew that all along. Theyʼve never been easy neighbours, though sometimes their parents were our friends. But yesterday we heard a scream from the little sister and wondered what it was now. Turned out that the biggest brother was dragging her into a cage heʼd built. Sheʼd been trying to get out and meet people, and the brothers didnʼt like that. The littlest of them was always too small to dare to do anything himself, and too scared to talk to anyone or to disobey. So heʼd helped build the cage and kept quiet.

We wondered what to do. Could we, should we, do anything? Sometimes everyone knows whatʼs going on, but no-one says anything. This wasnʼt the first time sheʼd been dragged into the house and tied down, while Big Brother did whatever he wanted with her, and the Little Brother sat and watched, giggling to himself about the things heʼd do when he grew up. How she got over that and still had enough nerve to talk to anyone, I donʼt know. Perhaps she wants to believe that itʼs good to be friendly, so long as people are friendly to you.

But this time I donʼt know. Iʼm afraid. Iʼve heard of it happening before in other villages. Maybe theyʼll just tie her to the bed again and Big Brother can use her like before. Or maybe heʼs so crazy about her, so mad that heʼs not the only thing in her world. Maybe itʼll happen this time. Maybe heʼll say, it was an honour killing. And all the people looking for excuses will just say, well, honour. Yes, thatʼs important, isnʼt it. Itʼs traditional. Itʼs their family business, after all.

Stop looking at me like that. Youʼre not helping.

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