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Musical Technology

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Jen SX 1000 Nº2 Rehab, Part 1

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Tags:hardware, instrument, Jen, refurbishment, repair, SX 1000, synthesiser

(There will be a stage 2, as I’m not currently in a position to do the whole refurb. No decent working space for soldering right now.)

cleaned, with knobs

Jen#2 (not a Jenny, thanks) is a newly-arrived Jen Synthetone SX 1000, s/n3326, later-type keyboard, with veneer ends, in moderately poor condition.

After unpacking & supply lead check — 13A plug fuse replaced with 2A here '~' — external condition and basic audio function were checked. Minor issues: some knobs are scratchy, some are loose. This should be resolvable, but will require checks at stage 2.

External Condition & Issues


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